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Why is a bullpup style knex gun less powerfull then a normal bullet-trigger-pin gun? Answered

All the bullpup guns i made were very weak and someone told me it was because of the magazine was behind the trigger.
is this true and if it is, why?



Best Answer 7 years ago

It all works under the same principle, more acceleration time for the pin and less effort for the pin to accelerate = more range. Bullpups tend to have very little pin room, so they can't accelerate to as faster velocities as pins on other guns. Sometimes people only use tan rods instead of black/clear rods which will make a huge difference. Next, some guns (you'd have to tell us which one) have the pin blocking part of the trigger in front of the magazine instead of behind it. This causes the pin to accelerate with the ammo at a far slower rate and thus "pushes" the round out of the magazine instead of hitting it with more force. Finally, bullpups tend to have a lot of barrel in front of the chamber, so unless all of it is wide enough for the ammo to pass through, a lot of friction is generated.

Ultimately, these reasons are why bullpups are reserved for slingshots and replicas and are rarely used for any other form of weapon.


Answer 7 years ago

I didn't know that there were bullpups with a trigger block behind the magazine like a normal bullet-trigger-pin.
The ones i made all had a trigger block in front of the magazine.
I never saw a bullpup slingshot, didn't even know that slingshots with mags existed.
But it's clear, hitting has much more force then pushing.
I don't think there could be a better answer so you get the 'best answer'
Congratulations (i'll subsribe) :)

dr. richtofen

7 years ago

Not realy an answer, TheDunkis made it clear.
What he ment with bullpup slingshots, are slingshot guns (with or without magazine) that have the ratchet or other sling mechanisms behind the trigger. Such as Jollex's dash slingshot