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Why is almost every free energy video you find a hoax or fake? Answered

The term "free energy" is used both ways by us.
What comes from wind, solar or water power is considered free energy.
Also everything claiming to produce energy from nothing is considered free energy.

Speaking of hoaxes and fakes now is a bit like comparing appels to tomatoes.
For me it more like those stage magicians: It all looks real and impossible but they do it, so it must be real.
If you really need to brag about your free energy device but are unable to sell a working model to interested people it at least means you are not a scammer.
Several people play the game of exposing fakes.
And if include this in your search then you get an idea about the amount of fakes or magically illusions out there.

The internet is often abused to change opinions or make people do things they usually wouldn't do.
Even if it is as simple as clicking on a suggested link for the next video.
Patents can disappear or with enough money you can buy them off the inventor.
One reason why more and more companies develop in secrecy and without ever applying for any patents - check the swiss army knife ;)
There are no conspiracies involving "free energy" but imagine it would be the case...
There currently is nothing that would actually allow you to produce enough electricity for your family all year round.
At least not if you want to avoid several wind and water turbines and all possible areas covered with solar cells.
If you would somehow make a device that produces more output than input (even if it uses up some form of stored energy like magnets) then how would you present it to the world??
Could you take the abuse of literally everyone around you calling you a scammer?
You know better, so you allow it to be tested - really??
Unless you provide all details and open all up you would still be called a scammer.
Someone offers you a lot of money to take the thing and have your assurance to never talk about it or invent something similar - suddenly not that impossible to think of...
But what if there is no offer but threats instead?
A nice show on the internet keeps you safe and allows the sceptics to brag how it is faked.
What better way then to make sure there are tons of videos that show similar constructions that clearly can't work? ;)

As with every good story there is always a bit of truth somewhere.
Over 80 years ago people made magnetmotors that worked.
Look it up and check their patents.
Most of the fakes we see today are based on the same 4 or 5 machines from back then ;)
Our modern life would not be possible without the inventions Tesla made.
Still, basically all of his inventions that did not find public use are still considered bogus.
How can one of the smartest man of that time have hundrets of used and recognised patents while those using them claim all the rest is useless and fake?
Getting energy they can sell was fine.
Allowing that everyone can generate all the electricity needed themself not so much.
A free generator that everyone can build would never see a meter and you could not force people to put one on either.
With unlimited money available those behind electricity, oil, gas and coal will always make sure that anything even just getting close to it will disappear.
The internet changed this as now everyone can provide plans, videos and even all required parts if needed.
Making someone or something disappear in Africa or Indonesia is easy, doing so with someone who has actual family, a job and lots of friends not so much.
Money and contracts are the next best thing then...

Remember the hype about Vortex energy a few years back?
Videos claiming to have a vortex thingy producing more energy than what is used everywhere.
Now in some regions vortex math is actually something people study.
And with this the new videos about vortex based free energy devices went down to almost zero.
Nothing new anymore that was not shown already.
If you study a bit what Tesla did for students and teachers you will find a lot of similarities between his math and the new area of vortex math.
But where those vortex guys use our modern math, limited constants and sequences, Tesla actually include all that was known at the time in his math.
Like with scientology you have to work your way up the ranks in the vortex world.
A lot of things you can only understand by confirming it in experiments, other stuff you will only get know when attending seminars.
If you just get together what you find online and try to understand it then try again with a printout of Tesla's circle of math next to it.

Knowledge is out there that we just fail to acknowledge or even try to explain if we see it.
Just take ancient building skills.
We know they did it because their monuments still exist today.
But we would utterly fail to replicate this with our modern technology.
Let alone with the tools claimed to be available at the time.....
Levitation through sound was deemed to be impossible.
Then one day we invented powerful ultrasonic speakers and it worked anyway.

So how many real "free energy devices" are out there?
How knows if it is one, a few or thausands.
Same for all the websites and videos out there.
After a while you learn how to spot the fakes quickly.
Then you still find some videos where you fail to find the hidden battery or motor or power connection.
In the end you are left with the same 4 or 5 possible types claimed to have worked almost hundred years ago.
Eliminate the bogus and incomplete then there is still some left....
It does not mean any of it actually works...
That is if you exclude those few companies selling things like magnetmotor generators for a few years now.
Going faster than a certain speed would kill you - then we moved on from steam engines.
It will never be possible to use the power of the atom to produce electricity - we got nuclear reactors anyway.
Now we even try to make fusion generators feasable...
So ask yourself if all "free energy" bogus really is just bogus...
We know life must exist on other planets outside out solar system but we still could not accept if this life would be more advanced or civilised than we are...
Yet we feel the need "to go out there"...

Where does Instructables come into play?
Take the dare and provide a well documented Instructable that allows anyone to replicate your "free energy device".
No solar cells or electric generators please, only stuff that should exist or work.
If you don't speak or write english then use some translator and people here will help to properly translate it.
The big community here will jump on it, find the hoax behind it and tear it apart.
However if they can't then someone will build it to show that it can't actually work.
Then imagine the surprise if "I made it!" starts to be clicked more and more...
No one could stop the progess or hide it then ;)
Of course we all know that nobody will ever post such an Instructable, don't we?

Keep in mind that the scam behind "free energy" might just be result of too many scammers...


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2 years ago

This video has gotten 22 million views in a year and a half:
It's very likely that the maker of this video earned between $0.50-$3 for every 1000 views.
Possibly 50 THOUSAND dollars for a video!? Yup, that's why :)


Reply 2 years ago

You are definately not wrong on that one but a lot of them just get what is "normal".
However, I noticed a quite disturbing trend with both Youtube and Google, possibly because it is one company.
Start watching these fake videos and you get more and more of them as susggestions.
Quite fair in terms of what might interest you but it seems highly biased.
Getting new videos suggested seems to be a hit an miss but you can be certain that those like yours always end up in the suggestion list.
Might go overboard here, but considering Google is one of the most powerful US companies it looks like a good way to eliminated that anyone ever sees real videos that were uploaded.
Especially if said user is just a free user and does not agree to have ads embedded.

If I take proper people like our King of Random than it makes sense to get more of the same from the same uploader.
But those fake free energy videos seem to have a life of their own.
Want real fun? Check how many videos you still find for fuel magnets or vortex devices for your airfilter in the car ROFL
Now you can even get fuel additives that together with the right HV cables for your plugs increase your milage by over 40%!
I order the petrol additive and two sets of these leads for my diesel ;)


Reply 1 year ago

It's not a coincidence. I think this is one of these subjects that as soon as you watch one video, you want to watch more and start a long binge-watching session (like maybe puzzles, goal compilations, fails, animal attack videos, INCREDIBLE DIY IDEA LIFEHACK videos, etc) and the genius Youtube algorithm recognizes viewers' behavior patterns, and capitalizes on them...

I recently watched this 40 minute video and that's my theory on why it went viral

Not sure what you mean by eliminating real videos, but YT have denied suppressing videos where ads aren't displayed on them / favoring monetized videos. Also, according to the new guidelines, a channel must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watched in the previous 12 months to qualify for a manual review to be able to have ads on its videos - not easy!


Reply 1 year ago

By "supressing" I mean that the few real ones are flodded by the amount of fake ones.
And I remember the times where people used their own song collections to provide music, now even your radio playing in the background can cause a take down.
Still tons of definately copyrighted videos are out there, TV shows, documentaries and so on.
A lot is "tolerated" as long as it brings views.
I can't upload y video that conatains about 15 sec of a song playing the radio in the kitchen but some older ones that contain full songs are still online.
Comes down to the algorithms, same for flipping videos to avoid detection as a copy.
Try it ;) Take a popular video that you can not reupload as a copy, crop one side a few pixels then mirror it vertically - the upload will be accepted LOL

The ads are another story though.
There is days when it seems to be impossible to watch any video without first getting an ad, especially when using the client and not the browser.
Sure, really not everything qualifies for an ad but I also had 1 minute videos without ads that still required me to watch 10 secs of ad before it even started.
Location again I guss as friends overseas report different findings or worse depending on the country or proxy used.
And funny enough there is still some good guys out there who post long videos and reject any ads being shown, no matter the view count.
Thing is though Youtube is Google and search works quite similar.
Finding a video that does exist but had little interest so far can often be next to impossible unless you know the exact title or URL already.
All I say is that every year it becomes harder to find real information without being side tracked by endless amounts of realted fakery.
If it would be baking then you would would see tons of stuff telling you how to bake cakes and bread without using any water, milk or flour LOL
And to raise the dough we would only need a specially designed bowl but no yeast or baking powder ROFL


Reply 1 year ago

Content won't get taken down if it doesn't get flagged... It won't necessarily get monetized though.
Of course, download a video, crop, color grade, delay the audio slightly, and no current algorithm will ever identify it - what the EU lawmakers (I believe the controversial Article 13) don't understand!
Pro tip: if you want to binge-watch a long series of videos, do it in January, when there are fewer ads, as opposed to the last quarter of the year.
I downloaded a Chrome extension that allows you to speed up videos (up to 16x) at the click of a +/- button, and it also speeds up the ads - unlike YT's built in feature :)

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Reply 2 years ago

Hey, have you seen this one?

It only has 71 views so far, but I think if the author added some hot glue gun action, and royalty-free music, he could get moar views.