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Why is it that Mexico isn't included on the list of countries eligible to participate in contests? Answered

I thought there was a Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade agreement in place?

We´re next-door neighbors! :(



Best Answer 6 years ago

This kind of question has been asked several times. It has nothing to do with trade agreements.

If I recall correctly the answer goes something like this:
Every country (and sometimes specific regions of a country) has its own laws regarding competitions. The countries that are listed have been checked by the instructables team. The countries that are not on the list have not yet been checked but they are working on it. Keep in mind that you are allowed to participate in all competitions but if your country is not on the list and you do win you have to either forfeit the prize or have someone you know in one of the listed countries receive the prize for you.


5 years ago

mexicans would love to participate on instructables contests.

let hope some day, it happens


6 years ago

Instructables is trying to include more countries in the contests all the time, but in order to do so, they must satisfy the laws that exist in EACH country. I don't know what the specifics laws are for contests (and International Contests) in Mexico, but eligibility requirements are decided by each country (and sometimes by the State or Province*). If it was up to Instructables, I'm sure they would open contests to everyone; so in the mean time, you may want to read this forum topic for Instructables Members that are currently ineligible to win prizes in the contests.

*Currently the Province of Quebec is ineligible because they have stricter laws regarding contests than the rest of Canada...


6 years ago