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Why is my latency like 70 in one game yet i lag in another? Answered

Whenever I play Counter Strike: Source, I almost never lag but when i play Team Fortress 2 I lag like CRAP! Can you tell me why this happens and (if possible) direct me to a free or cheap solution?

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9 years ago

The server hosting Counter Strike is closer to you then the TeamFortress server(your game packets dont have to travel as far),In addition you may have to lower some video settings to minimize any decrease in your games performance.you may also have some user settings in your .con files,that let you adjust GSDefaultLatencyCompensation(or 'lag').which involves the game attempting to offset the delay between info being sent from your machine to the server and back again.In games without client-side latency compensation,you have to lead your target by a certain amount. the normal default latency compensation value is 0.100000=100ms by adjusting this value to match your average ping in the servers you play can improve hit detection and feeling of accuracey.
Hope this helps.