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Why is the ATtiny85 more expensive than the ATmega328? What? Answered

I only need 2 I/O pins, but if I can get it cheaper with the 328 then why not?  Can anyone find the tiny for under 5 bucks with shipping?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Digikey has the tiny85 8soic for 2.15 plus shipping...
8dip package for 2.45


mega328 dip is 4 bucks

are you sure?

Spaceman Spifffrollard

Answer 7 years ago

With Shipping I found the mega328 cheaper on EBAY, but that's great for the tiny! Thanks for the find!


7 years ago

Well, if you only need 2 I/Os (or up to 4 for that matter), maybe you need something even smaller than ATtiny85? Such as the 6-pin SOT-23 Atmel ATtiny4, ATtiny5, or ATtiny9 ? Not to mention the more conventional ATtiny13 of course.

Not sure about the tiniest of the Tinies :)  but ATtiny13 can be programmed with the Arduino IDE  All you need to do is to add some modified libraries and adjust the boards.txt file inside the IDE. I don't see a reason the same approach cannot be applied to the smallest ones, too. I just didn't try yet.

ATTiny13 is a $1.75 chip or less if you buy a few of them. SMT versions are even cheaper - all the way down to $0.75 in small quantities. 

But just in general , it is never going to be cheap to buy just one of anything in electronics. You always have to kinda look ahead at what you're going to build next or what kind of projects you're interested in general and get yourself a few ( ten maybe) of the MCUs that can be used in several projects. Otherwise shipping and handling will make everything too expensive.