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Why is there no "posted on" date? Answered

Hey in my instructable Smart-Distance-Measuring-Tape-v2, I dont see the "posted on" date. I worked hard on this instructable and it din't get featured, so I commented on the clinic, where Ben Finio informed me about it. I think that may be a glitch and could be the reason why my instructable did not get featured.



5 years ago

Just because you worked hard on it doesn't mean it will get featured. Looking at your instructable the posted date is there on the right hand side in the 'About This Instructable' box. There are probably several reasons it hasn't been featured yet. Couple of possibilities are that the admins haven't seen it yet or they have seen it and didn't think it was worth featuring. Not every instructable gets featured.


Answer 5 years ago


There are several reasons why Featurable projects get missed, first and foremost being that the Community Team are only human, and need sleep.

Secondly, even if somebody is awake and online, there are a broad range of interests across the team; not every member has the same definition of "cool, I wish I'd made that" (the number 1 criterion for Featuring). For instance, personally, I rarely Feature recipes because I don't know enough about cooking to know if they are "right" or original.

Finally, speaking personally, I rarely feature "v2" projects - unless the improvements are major, it is my opinion (not site policy) that "v1" should be edited and updated to reflect improvements, then republished.

That's just my two penn'th. Other CT may have their own opinions about the second two paragraphs above.