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Why isn't my laptop charger working? Answered

Every so often I find myself constantly unpluggin and repluggin my charger into my laptop to get it to charge. Without doing this, it won't charge at all... But today I've tried using my daily technique and for some odd reason my laptops not having it. It's no longer chagring. HELP! My batteria Asus AL32-1005   life is at exactly 29 minutes with 24% remaining. What should I do? What could be the real reason for this?



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8 years ago

The usual cause is a broken wire at the plug end of the charging cable, or a damaged socket in the laptop.

The parts to fix them can be found on line. If its the charger, you can buy generic chargers.

Its too late to isolate the problem, but you could just try holding the plug very firmly, and wiggling the wire all over until, hopefully, something happens.



Answer 8 years ago

Careful with this. My wife's old laptop ate charger cords. One of them was starting to go, I wiggled the cord to get it working, it shorted and exploded something in the transformer.

Start with a cheap generic (but make sure it specifically says it works for your lappy) charger off of amazon before you start taking your computer apart.