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Why was my pocket-sized contest entry rejected? Answered

I entered my instructable in the pocket-sized contest on 18 July. I got the confirmation letter, and now that 48 hours have passed, would like to know why it seems to be rejected. It fits in every pocket I have on ordinary shirts, skirts, jeans, shorts, jackets, dresses, sweaters, and bathrobes. The letter says I can correct it and re-submit, but I don't know what is wrong!!! Help!!!



10 years ago

If you have only had one email, it is not rejected.

This is the sequence for a moderated contest:

  • You enter the contest.
  • You get an automatic email confirming that they have received your entry.
  • There is a pause (usually measured in days) while a human being goes through the entries.
  • You get an email stating that your entry has been accepted or rejected.

I looked at your entry a while ago, and it seems to be a suitable entry.

If anything, it might be improved by briefly explaining the significance of the various items - why do you need a cauldron, a pentacle etc? - or maybe outlining their use, describing a typical home-service you may conduct.