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Why won't my two stroke run? Answered

I have a two stroke weed eater engine (actually from a tiller but it's the exact same) and I am having trouble getting it to run. I have the carb screw tightened all the way so the carb is opened up as much as it can be but when I start it, it coughs like it wants to die then it dies. If I squeeze the throttle a little it will continue running or if I squeeze it all the way it will still run. It just won't run if I let it sit.

Also, I am intending to use it to put on a bike and it has a clutch but it doesn't really work that well. It will engage without even squeezing the throttle. Any idea of where I can get a small geared clutch that will fit it? Thanks.


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8 years ago

Most manufactures will have a user manual
that also describes how to adjust the carb.
So just do a search for the tiller model.
If your carb happens to be a "Zama " brand,
You can go to the Zama site to get carb adjust info too.


8 years ago

If the needle is screwed in then you have it closed. It's starving on idle. Open it up some and it should idle.