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Wifi Extender Answered

Hello All,

Im puzzled by a simple wifi aerial, i have an old pci wifi card which is slow but works perfectly fine, the only downfall is the range so i un-soldered the original antenna and soldered on some copper wire (approx 2mm thick copper) and on the end of this attached a connector and that attached to a new antenna, but that didnt work, 

The signal was weaker, i know one option is to go and buy a new better wifi card but i wanted to dabble with creating a stronger wifi aerial, (in my head this would work but in practical it didn't).

Why And what did i do wrong? 



3 years ago

Longer the antenna does not equal longer distance in broadcast. Antennas are shaped or tuned to a specific frequency or wavelength.

I would start searching for 2.4Ghz yagi uda antenna. Its directional meaning youll have most of your signal going forward in one direction instead of every direction, and they are made for specific frequencies.

They are simple and you can build it yourself. Pay attention to measurement lenghts when constructing it to take full advantage of 2.4Ghz.


3 years ago

What do did wrong for starters is that you did not include any vital details or picture so someone could make a judgement - and if we start the guessing game we can go on for weeks....
And there are plenty of Ibles for WiFi antennas and even more if you bother asking my good friend Google.


Reply 3 years ago

That is exactly what i did, search this site and google, the reason why i used copper wire and not cheap wire, google told me...

The reason for no pictures is i was pre-ocupied and couldn't access the device.. and would otherwise forget.. And also if i was doing something wrong i think people would have picked up on it in my description of everything i did...

I will try and post some pictures later on...