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Wifi chipset to USB Answered

I have a wifi chipset that I want to connect via USB. Spent ages trying to figure out the easiest route but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

This module in your pictures wants:

3.3 volts DC, on pin 2
D- on pin 3
D+ on pin 4
0 volts, or ground, on pin 5

I mean, that is what the data sheet you attached seems to be saying to me.

The only tricky part is the power rail on a typical USB cable is +5 volts. For this reason a linear regulator is needed to reduce that to 3.3 volts, to give this module what it wants.

I am not sure why these little wifi modules usually want 3.3 volts instead of the usual 5.0 volts, but it is something I have seen before, and the little 3.3 volt regulator IC is a necessary ingredient in this recipe.



and here:


Also, I have tried this trick myself. In my case, I left the the 3.3 volt regulator attached to the board where I found it, some other piece of junk, and the result was two little boards, one being the wifi module, the other the board with 3.3 volt regulator on it, both connected by wires, and dangling of the end of a USB cable.

Coincidentally, or not, I think I have the same wifi module, pulled from an old HP printer, named HP part number 1150-7930, with Atheros AR2524 chip on it, as do the peoples, who made those tutorials linked above.

Later, I decided to put both inside a plastic bottle, to help keep dust from accumulating on them.

I will attach some pictures of this.

Also I was thinking I had seen someone here at Instructables write a tutorial about this, topic (reuse of usb wifi module pulled from old printer) but I cannot seem to find one here, despite repeated search attempts.


1 year ago

I am no expert but according to the datasheet I would try a USB cable soldered onto the pins of the chip.
Standard RTL driver that should be included in Windows.
And well, some antenna on it would help I guess.