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Wiimote Whiteboard Answered

I have connected my WiiMote to my laptop via the bluetooth dongle that you reccomended with BlueSoliel software.  They are communicating with one another.  I am trying to use Johnny Lee's software for the Whiteboard Interface.  When I try to open his software it sends a message sayin that the device is not on the HID list.  Do I need a driver for the WiiMote?  How do I get it on the HID list?  Keep in mind that my laptop doesn't have built in Bluetooth hardware.  The control panel has bluetooth options, but when I open it, I can't do anything from there.  It doesn't see any of my devices.  The Blue Soliel wizard sees and communicates with both the Wiimote and my Blackberry.


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10 years ago


It would be easier to connect using Smoothboard's SmoothConnect which works with the default Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. With SmoothConnect, you are able to automatically connect the Wiimotes.

Most probably there is conflicts with the HID drivers on your computer. You will need to manually remove the devices under your Device Manager.

For more details on connecting your Wiimote, please refer to www.boonjin.com/smoothboard/index.php

Boon Jin


11 years ago

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