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Wikipedia really is the source of all knowledge? Answered

Well PKM and I were discussing the existence of Maxibon, a very tasty ice cream bar from Nestle which is hard to find, this was in the chatroom, which if you ever frequent you'll know how the conversations go in there.

So a little while later I'm kicking about and take another gander at the wikipedia page about maxibon, all seems sensible, until I hit the flavours list, being a fan of powerthirst I instantly recognized these flavours, which some from the second of the two productions found here.

Here's the strange excerpt, watch Powerthirst two for the full understanding of this strange addition...

Maxibon is now available in several guises and flavours including SHOCKLATE and all new experimental flavour, GUN!

Although the standard Maxibon flavour is refugee, several other limited edition flavours were introduced in the late nineties. Marketed as Maxibon asylum, the concept involved the actual flavour of the ice-cream remaining a mystery until the package was opened.

In addition to the standard size, they are also available in snack sized servings in packets of six; these are substantially smaller than the traditional Maxibon.

There is also a new release Maxibon Cookie, where the ice cream is in a round shape and covered in cookie dough.

The page can be found here

I know this isn't a big or new thing, I just found this a funny example of what can go wrong with the wiki societies.



9 years ago

manana, fizzbitch and GUN!!!!!


11 years ago

i love the second powerthirst it hilarious...!!!! rofl!!!!


Reply 11 years ago

It is... I mean to make my own with my own phrases, just because I'm bored I cam up with them but never did it, I can do the voice pretty damn well though...