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Wikitag Anyone? Answered

Wikitag is a good game to play when you are bored and have some free time, rather it be at home, school, or the library. For those of you who never heard of Wikitag, here are the simple rules.
  1. Go to Wikipedia, and press the random button
  2. Click a link on the page, thus leading to a different page. The link must redirect you to another article on Wikipedia, not another website.
  3. Keep on clicking links until you arrive to your desired Article.

To make the game more interesting, I like to start on one article in an attempt to go to another article that is completely different. (For example, Computer to Water.)

So, is anyone interesting, because if enough people were, I am planning to start up a contest of Wikitag.



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11 years ago

I'm on a nuisance laptop at the moment, with a loopy and quite possibly possessed touchpad, which is annoying but interesting, as I get randomly thrown around the Internet. 


Reply 11 years ago

"as I get randomly thrown around the Internet"

That sounds like me, except I do it purposely :)