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Will Instructables ever reopen their store? Answered

Has anybody heard whether Instructables is ever planning to reopen their store? Or alternative sources for Instructables gear?

When I first joined, they had a store with some cool stuff in it. I'd LOVE to have an official Instructables t-shirt or other swag. Similarly, does anybody know of a 3rd party vendor for Instructables shirts/etc? (For example, there are a few vendors who sell on TeeSpring and eBay who have produced their own AvE t-shirts.) Failing any official or current source, I may just have to make my own. I will definitely publicize it if I do end up doing so.

Instructables: Do you have any plans to bring back the store? If not, please consider this as an official request from a huge fan who wishes to support you (and wear your support on his sleeve!) Please, and thank you!

(I know that Instructables employees occasionally browse these topics, so I'm hoping for the best here.)


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