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Will it be safe to charge a 3.7v 2000 mAh lithium battery with a 5v usb cord Answered

I am making an Altoids USB charger with a 3.7v  2000 mAh battery. The project will have a 2.5 female connector. Would it be safe to charge it with a 5v usb to 2.5 cable?


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8 years ago

I take it that, your making a battery powered 3.7v up-verter to a 5.0v USB power output in a tin box.
Used to run a iPod in the field.

And you want to know if it can be reversed.
  • Probably not !
  • Whose circuit are you using ?
  • What does the literature say ?
  • If it can not levitate, the litt will not say anything about levitation

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