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Will leaving a rhombus clearer board on for more than 12 hrs lead to the super filling up again? Answered

hi , I have placed a rhombus clearer board above the super, yesterday. After inspecting It today I have found that the super was nearly empty , with about 40 bees remaining. Thinking the best , I decided to leave it on , but have now read that if you leave it on for more than 12 hours the bees with work out how to get in again. Should i take it off now or in the morning? (its 16:53 GMT  now) . I apologise for my incompetence , I am pretty new at this ^^ any answers would be appreciated.


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7 years ago

You may want to ask your sponsor. Assuming your working with other local bee keepers to learn how to properly keep bees. If your not then find a local group of bee keepers. I'm sure you can find one.