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Will limestone bricks explode if I use them in a forge? Answered

I going to make a small charcoal forge this weekend, an was wondering if the limestone bricks I have would be safe to use in the forge? I know that some materials like concrete will explode at high heat, so will limestone do the same thing?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Limestone is calcium carbonate, and CaCO3 decomposes at high temperatures into calcium oxide and CO2. Calcium oxide is a white, crumbly, rather corrosive material---it was used to decompose bodies in concentration camps in WWII. If your bricks have any air pockets they may indeed explode when heated. So... either the bricks will explode or they'll simply break down into crumbly, corrosive material. The good news is that refractory linings can be made from a variety of materials. Google "homemade refractory" and see what you come up with. Good luck! Prfesser


9 years ago

It's more that they hold water and will break up under heat, posibly explosively but usually just popping and cracking. BTW, concrete is made by heating limestone, then adding water...