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Will my Ipod delete itself if I sync it to a different computer? Answered

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10 years ago

if you sync your iPod to another iTunes your iPod will delete its own content and keep the same content as what 's in another iTunes which you synced already. so you have to turn the auto sync of the iTunes off http://www.aniosoft.com/fqa/27-solution/26-fqa-how-to-turn-off-auto-sync-on-itunes.html

and transfer music from your iPod to the iTunes and then sync your iPod to the iTunes.How to transfer music from iPod to iTunes ? here i recommend Aniosoft ibackup. It enables you to transfer iPod's music and other content to any storage device and iTunes as well. And both the backup in the storage device can be recovered and restored with no any change and no any risk.And the data in the iTunes is quite in accord with the iPod's data including its playlists,rating and etc.
So in your case,you can make a music transfer from your iPod to the iTunes in your laptop with this tool and also make a backup for the ipod's content somewhere in your laptop as well as backup file in case of the hard drive crash.