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Will the support ever be able to fix the forum sections? Answered

All up it is now a bit over three years of ongoing deteriation here.
If I try to count the times someone requested standard forum features to be added I will loose count.
Same for actually improving things in a way that actually makes sense to anyone but the persons behind the changes.

Lets list up some of the things that never get addressed:
1. Basic funtions to create or change a topic....
There are simply no usable editing or format options available.
A standard task like adding a few lines of code is totally impossible, especially if it invloves anything even close to a link structure.
Embedding an image properly requires using HTML functions, same for a video.
Adding a quote from a posting to reply to it with decent information is not even considered.
And well, if you try to add a link manually and with the options available you have a 50% chance it won't work or mess up your posting.

2. Total lack of any useful sorting, searching or just listing of topics....
I can post a new topic but never really know if, when or where it might show up.
I get a notification about a reply but the only way to react to it is through the profile as finding it in your topic can be impossible.
So you have no context, no clue why and even less clue if your reply will acutally end up anywhere near the the stuff the other user posted.
Even worse if you check what is available in the forum sections.
A 5 or more year old topic comes to the top.
You waste 15 or minutes to seek through it in the hope to find the new reply.
Once you do it is totally meanless and the newest post in that thread can be over two years old.
I have no clue what the people behind all this are doing or thinking but this is as useless as a pimple on my $%&§=....
You that a few weeks back there was an interesting topic, go try to find it again - ROFL
Even Google struggles now to find them so I no longer bother to look for anything in the forum sections.
It is just one big Gordian Knot whit no start and no end.

3. Creating a topic - the biggest joke here!
I am required to select a channel and category despite a total lack of these sections anywhere.
The only thing I can say about this: If you are too lazy to fix things then at least don't wreck them fully!
Remove the useless crap or include the sections as they should be - plus adding those sections that have been requested year after year.
But I guess the support actually never read any of these request as it is hard to understand why after over three years things only go downhill.

4. Questions....
It is nice to see that it seems the Ibles are now finally removed.
But the same problems as mentions for the other section are true here as well.
I can't check for new questions, sort them or their replies, so it all pretty much just a hassle.

Why are the categories removed but we are stillr equired to specify them for no good reason?
Where are the editing options or at least a proper editor to switch to?
When will totally dead topics be closed and archived?
When will a user be able to close their request themself if they got an answer?
Why can't we even mark them as answered anymore?

It was never a great forum in terms of options, usability or features but it was a very active and highly sought after forum.
Real questions were usually answered in great detail within a few hours of appearing.
Great technical advise and expertise was offered.
And when Instructables finally claimed to have listened to what all these overactive people requested year after year the got drive and pushed away from Instructables entirely.
Not a single person who kept this section alive was in any way happy with the changes forced on us.
No one listened to these complaints and instead we were told to suck it up as this is the new style any way to go.
All is better now, all is improved!
Then where are those active users now?
Why did they leave and what happend to the forum sections support by users?
Right! It all disappeared the same way.

This is my final call to the support team or whoever is in charge of this crap here!
You see the statistics, you see the answers, you can simply search for the years of complaints.
After now well over a year with your new forums: Do you realise now what you did to this section and who is responsible for the great nothing that happens now?
Close it all and be done with it or suck it up and fix it!
No independentforum could survive this and I am starting to think that Instructables actually has no real interest of getting the community sections at least back to an activity level that we before the changes.
Too many months, too many requests ignored, too many broken promises......



8 months ago

We have been reading your feedback (and the feedback of others) regarding the forums and are working to specifically address the parts of it we can. However, we can't do all of it overnight.

Removing the project questions from the list of questions was specifically by popular demand.

Sorting by recent is also in the works. You should be able to sort by most recent topics and questions very soon. I unfortunately don't have a specific date on the release as things got slowed down a little over the holidays, but I have seen it on the testing servers (which means release is imminent).

In terms of being notified when someone contacts you and finding replies more easily, this is also something on our radar.

Choosing the category to classify your forum topic under is a functionality we added in anticipation of future categorization changes.

As for the editor, we hear you there. This is something we are exploring, but is a much more complicated fix since it is also tied into the Instructable editor. Changing this requires a major overhaul of a key site tool and we want to make sure that we get it right. I'm not saying this will never happen, but the timeline is likely much longer.