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Will this motherboard support a dual core CPU? Answered

I'm helping my friend do some upgrades on his computer, it's a Compaq Presario SR2034NX desktop. I'm wondering if it will support a dual core processor or not. According to HP, it doesn't, but looking around on the internet, I've seen quite a few people have upgraded to dual cores. However, there's some minor differences with this particular motherboard. It seems that there are actually two different types of motherboards with the same model number from Asus (A8M2N-LA). On the HP site they have different HP model numbers (a more advanced board - the NodusM3-GL8E, and the one I have - the Naos-GL6; both with the same A8M2N-LA number for Asus) It appears that the NodusM3-GL8E supports all sorts of fun things like 8 GiB of DDR2 800 RAM and dual cores up the wazoo. However, the Naos-GL6 looks like a stripped down version of the NodusM3-GL8E (two less RAM sockets, etc.), so it might not support a dual core. I'd like to know before purchasing, since Newegg won't accept processor returns for a refund. Also, 800 Mhz RAM would be nice to have, HP says it only supports 667 Mhz RAM but other people have put 800 Mhz in with no issues. Does anyone know if my friend's mobo will support a dual core and 800 Mhz RAM?



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I want to say NO! Looking up on the website you provided the motherboard has an AM2 CPU socket and says that it supports AMD Athlon 64 up to 3800+, or a AMD Sempron. I looked at Newegg and found some dual core AMD Athlon 64 but the model numbers is greater than 3800. Putting an incompatible CPU in the motherboard will not be good. CPU's are grids of little transistors and other circuitry that do all your computers calculations and commands. Every CPU has different internal circuitry grids so put an incompatible CPU into the motherboard may not work or result in a destroyed motherboard or CPU. SO DON'T DO IT! I don't know what other hardware your friend has on his computer, but looking at the motherboard specifications I recommend a few upgrades. You have Two 240-pin DDR2 DIMM sockets that support RAM of either PC 4200 (533 MHz) or PC2 5300 (667 MHz) DDR2 DIMMs (a maximum of 2GB). I would max out the RAM to 2 GB. I also saw that the graphics are integrated but you have a PCI Express x16 graphics slot so you might want to consider a better graphics card if your friend is a gamer. The combination of more RAM and a much better graphics card will noticeably improve his computer's performance. Good luck and tell me how it goes!


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I'm well aware of what the HP site says, and the risks of installing an incompatible CPU. In my experience, all that would happen is it wouldn't boot, the processor should technically be physically compatible with the motherboard but not with the BIOS. Of course I don't want to risk frying my friends motherboard either. Given the graphics card he has at the moment, a dual core probably wouldn't off that great of a performance gain for 3D applications.

I recently upgraded my computer with two 8600 GT's in SLI (not the greatest, but it was free), so I gave him my old PCI-E 8500 GT. I was planning on buying this RAM for him, but PC2 - 6400 RAM would be nicer to have, given the faster speeds.

I realize that HP says it can't be done, however other people have done it. Not to sound rude, but I already knew everything you told me from looking at the specs on the HP website, and I've been building computers for quite some time. The motherboard in question has curiously little documentation, and as such I was hoping to find more info other than what HP has listed, similar to what's on this site. Unfortunately, the upgrades there seem to only work on the NodusM3-GL8E. Just to err on the safe side, I'll probably go with the 2 GiB of PC2 - 5300 RAM, and not worry about the CPU. I appreciate the comment; however, I'm going to wait a bit, just to see if anything else turns up.


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Fair enough. Good job on your homework! Good Luck!