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Will this work (BASIC ELECTRONICS)? Answered

Hi guys, recently I thought that what if i make an rc car that charges while I use it outside in the sun, that way I can use it as much as I want (outside in the sun) and I wont need to charge it. I have attached a picture showing the wiring, but I have a few questions.

Q1. Will it work??
Q2. If it does than what will happen when im not using it and the solar panel uses the light in my room and overcharges the battery resulting in it catching on fire?
Q3. Would it be better if i replace the car battery with rechargable cells?

Help with be greatly appreciated :)
Oh and don't mind my grammar, its not very good hehe


changed diagram, will this work?



Best Answer 4 years ago

Think of it like this:

If you could charge the battery as fast as your using the electricity then you would be able to run the car directly from the solar cells, as this needs a large solar array because of the current the RC car uses the answer is realistically - no.


4 years ago

You won't be able to fit a solor panel big enough on the car to keep the battery charged.

Of course that depends on the type of car - if you have one designed for very low amp motors it might work...

Your circuit is too simple to charge a NiMh or Lithium polymer battery.

And charging these batteries while they are used never works out good.

With a dedicated charging circuit you only need a protection diode for the solar cell.


4 years ago

A1: perhaps. In theory, no doubt.

A2: it will burn your mom's home to the ground unless the fire department puts it out first. There are ways to prevent this from happening. Basically speaking, one uses a threshold detector to trigger turn off of the charging circuit once fully charged, to prevent such a situation from occurring in the first place.

A3: hobby toys and their owners benefit frorm using rechargeables since their long term cost is lower than that of non rechargeables, and it also results in lower numbers of batteries that find their way into landfills.