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Wind Generator Connection Answered

I have a generator that provides 15.5 volts and I have it to one DC 12-volt Battery. I am using a 30Amp Diode, but when I connect the cables to the battery and the output only reads 12.75. When I turn on the 750 watt inverter, It seem to overtake the battery, and takes in very little charge. The battery is new and tested. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Alex



10 years ago

You may need to give us more information so we can see the way that you have wired everything together but for starters I can immediately tell you that the "Open circuit" voltage measured when no current is being drawn from the source (such as your wind generator) is often higher than what you get when there is a load (such as when you connect it to your battery). Try reading the voltage of a wall-wart before it is connected to the thing it is driving and you'll easily find that a 12v wall wart puts out more like 15 to 17 volts until you plug it into the thing it is driving when the reading drops to the desired 12 volts under load.