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Wind Power Charge Regulators Answered

Hello!! I need some help here...I am very "green" when it comes to alternative energy, so bear with me please! I recently decided to put together a small wind generation system to power my workshop. System is comprised of a 38v Ametek PMDC motor, 6.8' tri-blade array for propulsion. I also intend on installing a 2000 to 3000 watt modfied sine wave inverter powered by my battery bank to provide AC voltage to the shop. I want to be able to used the majority of the power created by my wind generator. I understand the concept of using a "shunt" but do not have a need for hot water or useless lighting. My question is this, would the Flexcharge NC25A charge controller (www.flexcharge.com/flexcharge_usa/products/nc25a/nc25a.htm) be sufficient enough to used in this system? Or is there something else out there that would maintain my battery bank without shunting the load when the bank is fully charged....Thanks in advance.


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12 years ago

. That should work as long as your generator puts out less than 25A.
. Shunting is nothing more than placing a load on the generator to keep it from spinning too fast. Not something you want to get rid of, unless you know the blades can freewheel without over-revving.
PS: I'm no expert. " Trust but verify "
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Reply 12 years ago

Thanks for the help....15a is the max (540 watts) output of this setup... Thanks again!