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Wind powered desktop PC, is it remotely possible? Answered

So I was thinking up an idea this afternoon about how I could be more of a PC enthusiast, I came up with this idea:

What if I could power a desktop grade PC on just the power supplied by a wind turbine (preferably that I had made myself), and batteries? My plan was to set up a (either or) BOINC Computer specifically for research, or something like a DNS/VPN server or failing that something like a NAS.

Anyway, heres what I have been able to find so far in terms of wind turbines and power...

It seems way over my head, especially the second link to the other question.

Computer Specs that I had in mind:
Intel i5 K series chip of sorts
8-16 GB of (presumably DDR3 memory)
A motherboard, again, not sure exactly what but this can be chosen nearer the time, if it helps, something with around 2-4 PCI-e lanes for numerous GPUs. (This is NOT meant to be a gaming rig).
A couple of GTX 760's I was having in mind, something older will do too. (This would be using the CUDA technology for accelerated processing)
A Power supply that would fit the bill... 1000 watts? May be needed depending on the number of GPUs I have.

I am so ignorantly unaware of how this would work. 
Other things that I would need:
- A wind turbine that was able to charge batteries during the day (for example)
- Batteries
- Some sort of converter (I think) to change whatever AC power there may be into DC.

I think that is what I need, 
Thanks in advance!



2 years ago

You problem was already solved many times ;)
Batteries and wind generators are not a new thing and adding a computer instead of a fridge or lightbulb does not make any newer...
You need to know how much power your setup requires, from there how much run time you need, this gives you the minimum capacity for the batteries.
Of course you need to add some extre for times of less wind, heavy gaming or simply longer use.
Once you know how much energy your wind generator can produce and how much your batteries can store you might want to get computer parts designed for low power use (or being efficient on batteries) - like a laptop....


Reply 2 years ago

Thank you so much for the reply! How dumb of me, I should have known! I guess it would work somewhat similarly to how a boat or caravan might use power...

Thanks again. :)


Reply 2 years ago

Not dumb at all, trust me we had much much worse here than your request :)
At least you knew what you actually wanted ;)