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Windmill on top of the mast? Answered

Hi there,

I'm rescuing an '72 all-wooden yacht (18ft) named Knights of Ni; the woodwork and painting are mostly done and I'm now busy with the electrics. It has a 12V system running of a car battery which is powered by a small solar cell and if necessary I can charge it on land.
I was wondering though, whether it is possible to mount a small windmill on top of the mast using for instance the van of a vacuum cleaner and a bike dynamo (or anything else not too big and heavy), and then running a wire through the mast to the battery.

I would be very grateful for your advice. If you want/need to see more pictures of the boat please give me a shout.

Greetings from Holland,



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10 years ago

. It should be very easy to do but I'm not sure that you will get enough power to make it good idea. I'm guessing that a fan/turbine large enough to generate an appreciable amount of power would also be big enough to cause an appreciable amount of drag when in motion.
. Nice boat. My Dad used to have a sailboat of similar size and shape.


Reply 10 years ago

then again, I don't need much power either, so if it'll just charges it a little by a little.... as the solar panel does (via a trickle charger)

The battery powers:
- mast light (led)
- cabin light (led)
- depth sounder, log, speedometer
- waterpump
- car radio
- coolbox (which I usually only use in the harbor, during the day I usually put some icepacks in, keeps the beer at a very drinkable temperature :-))

Thanx for thinking along!