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Windows 10 in auto repair loop and user accounts disappeared from windows directory ? Answered

I have a Lenovo 100s netbook with Windows 10. I was prompted to use Real-image to clean up and restore the Registry.

When the computer rebooted it went to the auto rep[air and diagnostics process and then into the reinstall/recover options.

The computer does not have a DVD reader and no boot option to allow for booting from a DVD or USB recovery medium.

I have tried to restore the Registry using the C:/ prompt and scripting, but I can only obtain the Windows Directory. The User Directory is not listed.

Can anyone help please?



2 years ago

Unfortunately this was not successful. RealImage is a Microsoft recommended application to restore the registry to its original condition. Using it managed to remove my entry password to Windows 10 and corrupt the registry. Lenovo have provided a USB with system restore software. As the machine is in warranty I have not had to pay their £68 fee for this.

I await its arrival and anticipate being able to continue trouble free.

I'm not holding my breath.


2 years ago

I don't even know if Real-Image is part of Windows but anyway:
Your Windows installation is toast.
On laptops without a DVD drive but Windows pre-installed you should have a recovery partition that is hidden.
You can access it with a recovery CD - the image can be downloaded from Microsoft and instead of burning it on a dVD that you can't use it is possible to use a bootable USB stick instead.
The required program can be found on the Microsoft servers too.
Plenty of Youtube videos and websites explaining the entire procedure if you bother to do a Google search for it.
If you still have a user folder on the hard drive you can secure i onto a USB stick (or several) and copy it back once Windows is back to factory specs.
Of course this requires that you use the same credentials as before.


Answer 2 years ago

Thank you so much. There must be many, many people in my situation who prove Einstein's hypothesis, "The foolish person is the one who repeats an action expecting a different outcome."

I am so glad that I have invested in Premium Membership.