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Windows - Monitor turning itself off after a few minutes. Answered

Today I faced a problem that according to my internet research on the tablet is quite costly and annoying.

First off my specs for the computer in the basic form:
Windows 7 on 32GB of RAM with a decent Nvidia graphics card.

After a few minutes of use the screen suddenly goes dark, like when going on standby but Windows itself still runs as normal.
Quite often when it happens the screen brightness goes up to max right before the screen goes dark.
Taking out the monitor cable and pluggin it back in usually gives the screen a few seconds until it goes dark again.

Official solution as suggested in many forums and knowledgebases:
Take check if the problem is the same when using a different video port on the card - checked and it was for me.
Check it the fan is working as it could be the card shuts down from heat problems - checked and cleaned the heatsink while at it.
Replace the graphics card if problem persists - Why the hell would I do that????

My solution:
Take the card out.
Clean it with some air, especially the heatsink and fan.
If have and old school office using paper and pen you might have one of these fancy easers with a blue part that is really coarse and has some fine particles in it.
They were used to remove ink or pen writings instead of pencil marks.
If you don't have one take some aluminium foil and crunch it to a small ball.
Use the eraser/foil to clean the contacts of the card.
The gold plating should come out nice and shiny, if it still looks dull keep working it a few minutes longer.
Just rub from one side to the other over the contacts.
Once fully shiny remove all debris by blowing it off - pay special attention to the tiny gaps between the contacts!!
If in doubt use an old toothbrush (dry and clean of course) to clean between the contacts, a cottum bud works too if you are desperate.
Put the card back into the computer and you have a really high chance the monitor stays on and will work fine from now on.


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3 years ago

Did your solution work ? I have faced this problem and I just removed the memory card, cleaned it and replaced. It works fine