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Windshield removal on a 1979 tri-hull boat? / Need help identifying the hull manufacturer ? Answered

 I recently purchased a 1979 tri- hull boat w/ a 1979 70hp Evinrude.  This is a two part question.
First, i cant seem to identify the hull manufacturer. The coast guard sticker does not list it nor are there any markings on the boat hinting the manufacturer. Other than an "Allsport" label on the side of the boat i cant seem to find anything.

Second, im currently trying to remove the windshield to prep the boat for paint, but i cant seem to remove the rubber molding / seals over the three screws i need access to, to remove the windshield. Id rather not damage the seal so i can use it again.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!! 



Best Answer 5 years ago

There should be an HIN (VIN number for boats), if you can locate that you should be able to precisely ID the hull. Search the net for HIN number info.


Answer 5 years ago

Thanks this really helped!! I was able to trace it back to a Watersway Inc. founded in 1988, which wouldn't make sense because the boat was made in 1979. But after further research i discovered the manufacturer was named Tri-Star which was founded in the mid 70's and made a series of "Allsport" boats (explains the "Allsport" markings on the side of the boat! anyways thanks for the help!


4 years ago

Looking at the windshield style the black strip should be a plastic insert. Removing the insert should expose the hidden screws under it. The side frames are held on with T-bolts so there should be nuts and washers under it in the combing.

As I remember the nuts should be 7/16 if this frame used 1/4 t-bolts, some used number 10 t-bolts and those should be 3/8 nuts. You will need a deep socket and a long extension to remove them.