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Winter composting? Answered

I've started composting using the bokashi method. I live in an environment that has a long and cold winter. Does anybody have any suggestions for what I can do with the bokashi mixture during the winter?



9 years ago

The liquid can be poured right down the drain. The enzymes are great for killing drains. As far as the solids, you can toss them in a compost tumber even if it is freezing out. When it warms up, just give it a few spins and it will break down quickly.


10 years ago

Yeah! I'm the first and I actually know something(rather than searching the web, racking my brain, grabbing the dictionary, and completely ignoring my own problems)! I composted during the winter you just need to clear off any large heaps of snow and chop up any ice that forms. You would probably be better off if you just put a cover on top. It takes longer to decompose but, it does work! I don't know what bokashi is but, it sounds japanese and I shall have to look it up. I am a junior master gardener and Best of Show decorative herb winner so, you can trust me on this one.