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Wire ribbon roses? Answered

Do you ever see those roses at the gas stations that are made of ribbon? the kind of ribbon that's sort of shear and has wire for the edges? I remember getting a closer look at it and seeing that the stem was wire as well and wrapped with shear non wire edged ribbon, but i have no clue as to how to make it....
I've been curious for a while but i don't think buying one and ripping it apart to see how it ticks would be exactly sufficient...
could someone please make an instructable on this?


Lady Microfleegie IIKiteman

Reply 5 years ago

ACTUALLY!!! the rose garden egg project has roses in it that look really close to what i was thinking....but...i'dve at least liked to have seen a how-to on any of it....i'd love to see a how-to on the roses themselves, individually, on their own stems though c=


5 years ago

any chance you could post a picture of this?