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Wired remote shutter release for camera w/o micro stereo plug? Answered


I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but what I'm looking to create is a wired remote shutter release for a camera that does not have a micro stereo plug.  Existing instructables for remote shutter releases depend on the use of a stereo plug but this is not something my camera has.

In particular, the camera is a Kodak Easyshare Z1012 IS and there are no accessories for the camera that permit remote shutter release (at least according to Kodak and through my google searches.  There is an "A/V OUT" USB plug, but the device is not recognized when connected to a computer and I have no clue what this plug is for).  I plan to use the camera itself in a book scanner setup.  I would simply buy a new camera with remote shutter release functionality if I could part with the money for one (in addition the camera is absolutely fine aside from the fact that it drains the batteries completely after 5 pictures, but I have a wall plug for it so that's not an issue).


If you take a look at the camera in the above picture, you can see that there's simply a button on top of the camera to take a picture (like just about any other camera--the round, silver one in the upper left and closest to viewer in the above picture).  What I would like to have is a device which will "strap on" to the camera overtop that button, and which when "activated" will exert enough force to press the button.  Of course there will need to be a cord leading off of that "strapped on" device to a handheld clicker of some sort.

The problem is that I have no knowledge of electronics or mechanical things--I have no idea what I could buy, modify, and then use at my disposal to accomplish the above.  This is where I was hoping the members of this forum could provide direction.  I don't expect that the solution should be spelled out word for word for me, but any ideas would be very helpful and then I can hopefully tie together the loose ends.

Now, I have a soldering iron and I know well enough how to use it, but my experience is limited to simply following online tutorials step-by-step (e.g. one time I took the camera out of a UMPC and soldered in a full-size USB port, but why it worked and the thought process necessary to determine whether or not it would work in the first place are not very clear to me).

A friend of mine thought that I might be able to use a "solenoid" of some sort to accomplish this (first time I had heard of such a thing, but I think I have a relatively good idea of what one is after looking into it).

Likewise, if there's a better way to accomplish the above, then I'm all ears.  Maybe there is a way that I can take apart of the camera's button and set something purely mechanical up where by applying a contact to the right area results in the same effect as pressing the button.  I'll be taking apart the camera in the mean time to see what I can find.


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9 years ago

The AV video plug needs the wire that came with the camera and allows you to connect your camera to a TV and show your pictures as a slide show.

The only way you'll be able to make a remote shutter release is making a mechanical device that will press the button on the camera for you. Or wiring up a servo to press the button.

If you are willing to take the camera apart you could solder a wire to the contact points of the button and have a separate push button at the end of the wire. But these cameras don't come apart very easily and often time you'll end up breaking something in the process.

I suggest spending your money on a good tripod for the camera so you can set it up over the book. Then use the existing button to take the pictures. I see no need for a wired shutter release. Unless you have to step away from the setup. In which case you can use the built in timer to activate the shutter.