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Wired to wireless keybord conversion Answered


It happens to have a wireless mini keyboard with touchpad, like the one in the photo ( not this model, but something like this).

The problem is that I did a terible mistake and I bent it a litle (some milimeters) and after that it keeps sending repeated characters. I do no think I can fix it.

I like to convert and keep alive old things so I had the idea to use the RF modules of the keyboard and make an old PS2 or USB keybord wireless. Do you think that there may be a chance I could do it?

Hope you will come with some ideas


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5 years ago

Not really unless the keyboard would use the same matrix.
There might be still a chance if the RF part is seprate from the acutal keyboard but finding the serial communication settings and getting it to work with a wired keyboard....
I would take the thing apart, check if it still sending weird without the case and if not:
Put the plastic case (no electronics!) into hot water water (close to boiling but not bliling) for about 5 minutes.
It should become soft and if place on a flat surface it will be flat again.
You might have to experiment with the times in the water, so start with just a minute if the parts are quite thin and don't use pressure to force the parts into shape - let gravity do the job.