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Wireless Button Pusher Answered

Hello all,

I am trying to add/build a wireless button pusher to a grain management device on my farm. The device cannot be hacked into or tampered with, however, the button I am trying to push requires little force and does not need to be sustained. It only needs to hit the button when I hit a remote. Additionally, I cannot use a phone for this (my grandfather needs to be able to operate it as well and could not use a phone) So I would need to be able to connect two simple remotes. 

Any and all suggestions welcome. 


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Anshu AR
Anshu AR

3 years ago

If I were building this thing, I would consider using hobby grade linear actuators with Arduino (Which is quite obvious).


Now I don't know what kind of switch you are using. But try considering Relays. Using a relay will be a lot easier and simple.

Hope that helps :)


Reply 3 years ago

Thank you! I will look into relays if possible. The Arduino option might work as well