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Wireless Interface? Answered

Hello, Instructables.

     I know it seems like I ask too many questions and post too little ibles, But trust me. I'm working on one right now. And thats why I am here. I am working on a wireless snes controller for PC, and am having problems finding a wireless interface for it. I know theres the XBee, which, being on a limited budget, is off the table. theres Bluetooth, which i have VERY little expirience in, but considering that just makes it sound like it would be fun, and, last but not least, there is InfaRed, which, having recently recieved a IR LED assortment from Electronic Goldmine, might be an option. i will look more into BT, since i do have a bluetooth enable pc anyway.


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Keep in mind that a snes controller needs Instant gaming responses.

And any wireless scheme has modulation time overhead
of which Bluetooth is possibly the worst time gobbler.

Take IR which is usually modulated on a 40 or 50 KHz carrier wave
that the receiver has to first recognize and then decode and then
recognize switch on or off..

I'm assuming that you use four different modulating carrier waves
which gives you 16 almost all at once possibilities rather then
sequential decoding 16X time delay overhead.



Answer 8 years ago

Thanks for replying so soon!

As for my idea for the IR, i was thinking about just using IR leds and receivers for the data, I don't know if any IR data needs to come through to a teensy usb ( the board ill be using for it ) but my OTHER idea was to cram the guts of a wiimote into the casing, maybe thinken the case a bit if I need too, and then it would work with my pc, and it would work with wii games. the Wiimote doesnt have much latency, either, its got a pretty good bluetooth module. Either one of those albeit noobish options is one of the ones I will probably take unless I find a better one.



8 years ago

I have resolved to just go wired. thanks for the answers, though!