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Wireless Push to talk button for walkie talkie Answered

Hi all.

I would like to build a wireless push to talk switch for use with my comms set up used for airsoft.

I would like to be able to put the switch/button onto my rifle (wirelessly) so I can keep hands on when communicating on the radio.
Having to take my hand off the rifle to push the talk button is a pain.

The only ones I can find online are commercial and quite expensive. What I hope to do is build a simple wireless switch and modify the current PTT swith to be operated by the wireles one.

Can anybody advise me how to do this?
Circuit diagrams or hints?
A site with ready made plans (wishful thinking)

Cheers in advance from New Zealand


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8 years ago

There is a reason those commercial buttons are quite expensive.

Your best bet will be hacking an existing product. I'm sure you can find something like this where you live. Its a single button Key fob remote that can control a lamp or whatever you want to plug int the outlet. The receiver inside runs off of DC so you should be able to figure out how much power it needs and gt a battery to support it. Remove the relay that the board uses and replace it with a smaller one that can be attached the the PTT switch inside your radio.

A while back i found a site that sold both the key fobs and the receiver modules. But i can't find the site now. But they are out there. You would just need a translator chip to go with the receiver module take would toggle a transistor to send, lets say 5V, to the coil on a relay to activate the PTT on your radio.