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Wireless button to talk to computer Answered

I'm running some sessions with a multi-abled theatre group of kids and we want to create a piece of interactive dance. Each kids will carry a couple of buttons and when they press them they send a signal wirelessly to a computer nearby which is running the dance program connected to a projector so the kids can see what they are doing. So pressing their button could change the colour of the kids projection from red to blue. 

I think I need to use a microcontroller inside a button but am not sure which one - cheap and small - bluetooth or wifi? How do I get the button press program onto the microcontroller? Finally how does the computer hear the signal? The dance program is written in Processing. 

Is there a project that is similar? I've searched for lots of things but can't find exactly what I need.

The kids will enjoy this



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4 years ago


Simple solution would be:

1) Transmitters - Arduino pro mini + RF transmitter + buttons + 18650 battery

2) Receiver - Arduino pro micro (on Arduino 32U4 chip) + RF receiver.

Arduino 32U4 with receiver plugs into computer USB and pretends to be a keyboard.

Transmitters may send data. 32U4 process them and send various data as if they are input from keyboard. Can keyboard input somehow be integrated into your system?

See my project PasswordKeeper.

I wonder, how transmitter on one frequency will behave. If they would not jam themselves - ok. If they would jam - then you may use ESP8266 chip with ability to connect with WiFi and WEB. But they are more power-hungry.