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Wireless cox box help (audio transmitter / amplifier)? Answered

Hi, I'm trying to design a circuit that will replace the traditional "cox box" in a rowing boat. What I want to have is a wireless microphone that transmits to an amp that I can connect into the boat's existing speakers. I don't care about the stroke rate or timer features, just need the audio. 

I can solder well enough, and even print pcbs others have designed, but I'm not too sure where to begin with the design. There are plenty of great amp projects on here, but how would I tie that in wirelessly? 




5 years ago

The system has a place to plug in a mic correct? All you need to do is modify your wireless mic receiver with the water proof connector the system uses for the mic connection and your set. No need to make things overly complicated with a new amp on the boat's speakers.


Answer 5 years ago

not quite, the system has a place to plug in an amp. That's basically what a cox box is, it's an amp with a hardwired mic. I need to replace the whole shebang; new mic, new amp. Just not sure what technology I should use.