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Wireless electrostatic motor? Answered

Is there a way for me to make an electrostatic motor with no ground connection?  The only video I found had a guy touching the ground connection with his finger, which is basically the same thing.



5 years ago

You need a way for the charge to flow. Usually that flows to Earth ("ground"), but it can also flow back to the device that generates the charge.

For instance, you could connect each side of your motor to the domes of a Van der Graaff generator, one to the top dome, one to the bottom.


5 years ago

Think about how it works:

Electrons are negatively charged and like charges repel, unlike charges attract (a bit like magnets)

If you have 2 objects that have an excess of electrons they will be negatively charged and will repel each other.

To give them the excess of electrons they have to be connected to a big source of electrons. In order to get these electrons to pass onto the object, which will be a non conductor so the electrons will only be on the surface, your going to need a pathway for the electrons to flow down.

Generally electrons flow from Negative to positive - Normally the ground provides the positive - without that ground you will have to make an artificial "positive" or area with a lack of electrons.

The rest is up to you.


5 years ago

There may be, because electrostatic repulsion and attraction does not need current flow to function.

However the initial charge needs a current flow usually to ground.