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Wireless or bluetooth rechargeable button attached to PC with a dongle Answered


I am trying to find details of a cheap wireless/bluetooth largish 3 or 4 inch single button that uses a dongle connected to a Windows PC via USB.  It'll be used for push-to-talk type stuff.

It should be rechargeable via USB (a mini connector, or some such thing).  While the button is held down it should send some kind of signal to the PC, and any advice on how I can detect that in C# would be appreciated.  There should also be a status light that will show green when the unit has sufficient charge, red when the button is pressed and blinking yellow when the battery is running low.

Any ideas or suggestions?




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7 years ago

You only need to hack a wireless keyboard or mouse. Gut it out and replace one of the key contacts with a large switch http://www.adafruit.com/products/1185. You'll have to figure out a case for it though. Programming-wise it should be easy to detect which keypress is coming in.  Good luck.