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Wireless water level indicator? Answered

I have a tank that's above my 2 story house. I did use a 50 foot Ethernet cable and wire up a level indicator, with 5 levels from empty to full. But the wires always corroded, and it just stopped working. What i'am looking for is a way, to do the same wirelessly. Maybe even automate via ifttt, as my motor is connected to a smart plug the HS100. How can i accomplish this, the tank is open to the elements, so something waterproof, and solar/battery operated would be great. I did think of the Xiaomi Water sensor, which generally checks for dampness,but that needs a Xiaomi gateway, so what does the community suggest? 



2 years ago


Your previous system looks great, with it' 5 levels of measurment.

Think about electronics in a submarine .

Why not try a sealed plastic enclosure for those connections.

They are easy to find , not expensive at all.

When finished and tested the system,

seal it at cable bypasses, cover, screws, everywhere with a

silicon sealer, you can also put in some silica-gel in a little container

that will absorb any residual moisture.