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Wirelessly charged mouse Answered

I need some help from all yall out there.
My idea is a wirelessly charged mouse. The mouse pad acts as the transmitter coil, and the receiver is in the mouse.

The concept might not be phenomenal for gamers, but would be a step into getting rid of wires on our peripherals and really making wireless charging reality.

Perhaps a .2 farad super capacitor (.2 Farads ~ 400mAh) could be used to prevent the mouse from dying if you drag if off the pad for a few minutes.

I'd need help conceptualizing it and for those of you who know about electronics, assisting me in designing a schematic.
The design would be open source so we can have literally anybody contribute and improve the idea.
Leave a reply if you want in!


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4 years ago

You are a bit too late, those combos already exists and can be bought ready to go ;)
Otherwise take a QI charging pad and put the receiver in the mouse ;)


Reply 4 years ago

Are they open source? Such allows us makers to create these and fit them to individual needs.