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Wiring 3 Laser pointers together. Should I increase the Voltage? Answered

I'm working on a Predator (as in the movie) style Laser sight for one of my Nerf guns using three laser pointers (or rather the lasers inside of them).  I want to use AA or AAA for the power source because button batteries are expensive and don't last.  The laser pointers each use 3 batteries at 1.5v a piece for a total of 4.5v.  Since AA and AAAs have the same voltage that isn't a problem.  The problem is that I want all three lights to come on at the same time with a press of a button, and the only way I know to do that would be to wire them to one power source.  I'm also a bit limited on space, so one power source would be ideal.

So my question is this:  Do I need to increase the voltage in order to power all three lasers or will 4.5v be enough to power them without dimming?

I have little experience in this field, so any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


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Best Answer 9 years ago

4.5 V will be just fine. Just wire them all in parallel with the battery pack.