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Wiring NES Controller to NIX Digital picture frame. HELP! Answered

Hello All,
I am a new member to hack-a-day and was wondering if people had input into a project that I am working on.
Basically what I want to make is a portable portfolio viewer that is a bit more quirky than what I have seen thus far.
A lot of people are presenting on Ipads and the like... not fun enough.

I want to wire an NES (original nintendo) controller to a digital picture frame and add a rechargeable battery to make it portable.

As for the frame the most cost effective that I have found so far is Nix Digital 10"

there are cheap battery packs available on amazon but they seem kind of wimpy...only 2 hours.

And the NES Controller I have a bunch of.

Also a battery indicator would be a nice plus! if any one has a successful nixie (or other lower voltage numerical tube) tube battery indicator method I would be very interested in reading about that.

I attached an image of the wiring I would like to accomplish

Any input about this project would be awesome.
I am not as experienced in these kind of things as a lot of the cats around here just enthusiastic about figuring this out.
Any help is appreciated!