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Wiring a 12v remote switch? Answered

Hi all,

I have a small 12v forge blower which runs off a golf cart battery, at the moment it just has a toggle switch on the + to turn it on and off.

I'm looking to show off at a meet up (for fun I'm not really a show off) and really want to wire it up to one of those car key fob type remote switches.

I'm a complete noob when it comes to this type of wiring and would really be grateful if someone explain how to do it properly and what the correct switch to use is.

I have looked at a few schematics but I don't know how to follow them properly.

Thanks in advance


P.s it needs to one press to turn on and stay on and one press to turn off.




5 years ago

Sorry im in the UK, I didn't think it would matter with 12v stuff so I didn't mention it.

I have not brought anything yet, as I mentioned im not 100% on which one I need as in 1 or 2 channel etc, I know I can get the complete unit off ebay but really its the wiring. Im not sure about.


5 years ago

You don't say where you are in the world to make recommendations.


5 years ago

The car key fob is the transmitter of the package which includes a receiver and relay to switch the dc.

If you just have the fob you only have 1/3 of whats needed.