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Wiring circular fluorescent bulb Answered


my first time posting here, hope I don't break any rules.

I want to wire up a circular fluorescent bulb for a sculpture.

I bought a SODIAL(R) 40W Ring Tube Fluorescent Lamp Electronic Ballast AC 220V 0.19A and a 40W T9 Circular Warm White Tube.

Could someone advise me on what other bits I need (e.g what starter) and a guide on how to connect everything up to each other and power? I'm based in the UK if this affects potential suppliers.

I have done this with a straight fluorescent before but by cannibalising a bought fitting. Pretty clueless when it comes to electronics and would like to avoid killing myself/ others if possible.

Many thanks!


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Best Answer 2 years ago

Plug the lamp into the ballast, add a pulg for your mains outlet to the ballast.
Plug it in and have light ;)
The times of starters ended with the electronic ballast ;)


Answer 2 years ago

Oh great- so I have everything I need already?
I can just connect the plug with one of these connectors:

And the red is the live wire, right?

Thanks so much!

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 16.17.41.png