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Wiring diagram for connecting alternator to vehicle. Answered

How do I connect my alternator to my vehicle?


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1 year ago

I would like to see a wiring diagram for connecting an alternator to my 8n ford tractor.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Reply 1 year ago

Often an image search is the best way to find a wiring diagram, provided your eyes and brain can recognise the one you're looking for, when you see it.

I asked DuckDuckGo to show me images of "8n ford tractor charging system"


and all sorts of interesting images came up.

I am kind of guessing the original electrical system for this tractor used a 6 volt battery, rather than 12. Moreover, the voltage regulator was mechanical, made of coils and contacts, rather than the modern approach, which is a big integrated circuit, made of printed diodes and transistors and such.

As a consequence of this, I think some owners of this tractor, just convert the whole electrical system to 12 volts, even thought I think that means replacing, pretty much every electrical component, e.g. the battery, starter motor, alternator, spark coil, running lights, etc.

I noticed this place,


sells a conversion kit, but I do not know for sure if those guys know what they're doing. I just found them via one of the diagrams that came up in my image search.

It is strange their diagram does not mention the starter. Maybe the starter is so beefy it does not care if it is being driven by a 6 volt or 12 volt battery? I dunno. It would probably be best to ask someone who actually knows the answer to that question.

Coincidentally, as recently as a few months ago, someone was asking this forum about converting an old 6-volt tractor, to 12 volts... uh where was that topic... oh here it is: