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Wiring help! Answered

I have an 8th grade science class (I'm the teacher) that I would like to have construct underwater vehicles.  The kids will be using 9v batteries, switches and assorted other materials.  Does anyone know of any good books/articles that explain the basics of wiring, electricity, motors, switches, etc.  that I can have the students read to get a good base of knowledge in the basics of electronics?



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9 years ago

Thats a pretty ambitious project. A knowledge of basic electronics is only the beginning. I would think you would start with something a little simpler. A few weeks ago my cub scout den did some electronics. I helped the boys build a DC motor. Similar to the one in this instructable. But we used 9V batteries and paper clips stuck in foam. It was allot of fun and the boys learned how a motor works.

Have you done a search on the site? There are plenty of great indestructible that will help teach the basics of electronics. Here is a great one. If you become a premium member you will be able to download the entire Instructable in PDF format and print it off for your students.

Do they not teach basic electronics in school anymore? I seem to recall learning the basics in about 5th or 6th grade when i was a kid. It was in the science book as i recall. But that was over 20 years ago.