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Wiring help Answered

Hi guys

I am need of some advice and help if possible, I will try and explain as clear as I can.

I have a lockup which I have modified to use locking bolts on a motor and I have a swipe card reader and pcb which when swiped it fires the output to power the motor (6v) which works perfect for 6 seconds of the locking bolts going in and out. I am looking for a way so when the locking bolts go to the locked position it hits some kind of limit switch and stops there (which I have done in the past) but then I want to be able to swipe my card to open the bolts and when it gets to he open position it hits another limit switch and stays open until I want to swipe and close the locking bolts.

I don't want this to be timed I need this to stop on open and closed position but able to operate when either is pressed,

Can this be done in anyway?


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8 years ago

What micro controller is being used to read the swipe and engage the solenoid?

It would help to know exactly what latching system is being used. Is the system applying a constant 6V to the motor to keep it open and then when the power is off it lets the latch shut on its own? Or does it apply a positive 6V to open it and a negative 6V to close it?

There is a chance that limit switches alone will not be enough to do what you want. You may have to go in an reprogram the controller to get it all to work. If its not a programmable system then you may be out of luck unless you want to change out the hardware and program your own control system for it.