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Wiring high powered leds. Answered

How can I wire 60 2.5v ,350mA and 20 3.5v ,350mA leds. The 2 different leds can have seperate power supplies? Trying to build a grow light for indoor vegatables.
Thanks for any help


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11 years ago

For power supplies, I would suggest trying to find power supplies to USB hubs. they usually supply 2+ amps at 5 volts. with these, you can link the 2.5v LEDs together in series of 2. each supply would be able to handle 3 series in parallel (they would be under-supplied in current, but that removes the necessity of heavy duty resistors)

you would need 10 supplies for that. otherwise, try looking for supplies such as notebook power supplies. one of my old ones goes at 18.5v running 3.5 amps. This would mean you could put 7 in series, with up to 10 series (which easily covers your 60 LED quota. remember, this means you will need current/voltage limiting resistors for each LED)

when using the equipment you find, you can use this:


hope that helps

good luck!